ZenICB -- version 1.31

ZenICB is an Emacs client for the Internet Citizen's Band. It'll work on all version of Emacs from 18.59 all the way up to 21.1, and also on the XEmacs releases.

Oops! You need a small patch for Emacs 20.x with MULE.

If you have any problems with it, please send mail to us (or do M-x zenicb-bug RET).

linux-version.el -- version 1.00

This code generates Linux advocacy sentences and suggests possible Linux distro names.
It needs flame.el from Noah Friedman's site. The copy of flame.el in XEmacs will not work.

 Muse Wanted 

If this page doesn't render properly, please tell me.
It should look okay in most recent browsers, including
W3 and text-only browsers (like lynx)