roof reconstruction

Sometime during or after the construction of my place, a few plants started growing out of various sections of the roof. The roof has two layers made of brick and cement, and the plants were growing between them. Here's some of the damage as seen from the sides of the house:
(taken on April 20, 2002)

a survivor shifted the roof
front of the house corner crack

These vines and such had been growing for about ten years before I moved in. This summer, a couple of guys were hired to dig stuff out. At first, they attempted to clear the sides of the roof, hoping that the vines hadn't spread very far:

big hole knocking the hole

It soon became clear that they'd have to rip up large portions of the roof, though:
(taken on May 5, 2002)

rebuilding the roof rebuilding the roof
a thin one over a foot long

It'll take at least two more weeks to find and remove all the roots.

Gratuitous picture of me.